A year after 's disappearance, few Ghanaians have lost hope if The “ODO PA” singer will return. With the controversies behind his disappearance, both families of Theophilus Fiifi Taigo popularly known as CASTRO UNDER FIRE and His Lady friend Janet Bandu claimed they have consulted various spiritualists and found out that Castro

Janet Bandu are still alive but as to know where this two are is still a Mystery.
But Question still remains unanswered: Where Is Castro And Janet? Where Have they been after a year? Are They Still Alive? had exclusive interviews with couple of Ghanaian celebrities close to Castro and his family and it seems all hope is not lost yet Read the following Interviews
Barima Sidney: I strongly feel Castro is near and will return sooner. Despite all lies cooked up since his disappearance,  he has done so much for most Musicians in Ghana who had forgotten what he did for them within a year. With such ungrateful act my heart is so much broken.
I wish there's more I can do to bring him back from wherever he is. My new song titled
“Letter From Castro” with the caption “ Me Nwu Y3 ” which translates “Am Not Dead”. I made mention of the people who Castro has helped make hit tunes and they seems not to bother about his whereabout when they reached stardom. Ghanaians fabricate a lot of lies which I mentioned as well.
See what His Best friend
Asamoah Gyan said
Asamoah Gyan: It been a year my friend and partner got missing but I'm hopeful my  friend whom I miss so much, will return, though he went missing exactly a year ago—July 6 , 2015, a search for him has yielded no results.
A year ago…on a Sunday …same weather … I've not been too happy since…but I'm hopeful of his return.
It has been a year of prayer and keeping hopes that he is alive . I still pray for strength and fortitude for the police and all related agencies as they continue the search. I pray for strength for the affected families . I pray for good news. Amen ,
Mzbel: Castro is very interesting , he is a comedian , any time Castro is around , he will make up funny funny stories, he will make you laugh and recently when I started recording, each time I go to the studio and I 'm about to start singing or rapping I miss him . I miss him because he will be there to direct me , he will be there to say funny funny stuff , you know people will correct me and the way they do it is ( frustrating) but Castro will do it in a funny way so I miss him. When I go to the studio I wish he was around ” .
“When we first heard about this whole thing (Castro's disappearance) myself and a few celebrities went to his dad's house to confirm. When we went his mother was crying and crying and the dad was like ‘ why are you crying, your son is not dead, why are you crying? All I can say is when you go on your knees say a Prayer for Castro and Janet
Afia Schwarzenegger : What happened to you is still a mystery…its been 1 whole year of your absence,”a yr of no single”,”a yr of no new dance moves”,”a year of no call from you”
Fiifi where are you…oh God of answers where is Castro???
God bless ur beautiful soul…your fans are missing you,Ghana is missing ur rich voice n unique talent…am missing you my friend !!!!
: With Faith everything is possible and in my own perspective and my faith as a child of God , I say Castro will return. I'm not throwing dust into anybody's eyes but that is what my Faith tells me. Castro has done much in the entertainment industry and that's what I miss about him aside my personal close relationship with him.
The very last song he recorded with Davido titled ” Sometime ”  in my studio on the Thursday before the incident would've been his all time song . As I speak with you  the song is still in my studio and I know that Castro will surely return to continue exhibiting his God given talent which is music. Again I say Castro Is Not Dead , He will Return Soon
At this point we as Ghanaians should keep praying and hoping that Castro returns soon as

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