Mrs. Charlotte Kesson Smith Osei,  EC boss A Deputy Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Georgina Opoku Amankwaah has bemoaned what she said is the loss of confidence of Ghanaians in the commission
She referred to the recent barometer report, which revealed that the confidence of the electorate in the commission reduced from 75% to 47% in 2014 and described the situation as precarious.
“If you look at the last barometer report, the confidence that people had in the EC have dropped from 75 percent to 47 percent but that is how bad it has become,” she said.
“It is not good for a country to lose confidence in its election management body. That is very dangerous for us.”
In an address to facilitators and participants at a workshop on the upcoming district assembly , the EC deputy chair in charge of finance and administration however insisted that the low level of confidence was based on ignorance of the public on the work of the commission.
She believes the solution was to change the public's perception about the EC by educating the public.
“We have sought for sponsorship so there will be more of these interactions because I believe that the more you listen and get closer to the Electoral Commission, the more you understand the electoral process and issues, and the less rumours become a reality for you,” she said.
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