and have been in the news recently with regards to rumors of a love affair between the two of them.
The two after all these speculations, have kept quiet. All these rumour started when they were seen throwing
love words at each other on instagram. Becca
went ahead to post a picture on instagram giving Bisa Kdei a kiss emoji.
Well, Becca has spoken. The singer on Starr Fm denied the rumour saying they share many things in common.
“Bisa and I share a lot in common and we've been good friends since he got into the industry and, I mean, well you never know, but for now we are friends.
I like PDA (Public display of affection) a lot. I'm the kind of person that if you know that I'm in love with someone you'll see. I show it everywhere and that's the sought of person that I am. I don't hide my feelings whether am in or out or my emotions or actions…
Eeerrrmm…whether it's nurturing or not, you never know, something definitely is in the incubator that is going to pop up very soon. Whoever it is…I am willing to explore love.
We have an amazing song coming out. It is a beautiful love song and we are planning on shooting the video…”
Source : OmgGhana.Com

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