Award winning hiplife artiste turned evangelist, , has asked the public not to be quick in judging highlife artiste, Ofori Amponsah, on his decision to return to secular music.
According to the one time Heavyweight Rap Champion, it will be wrong for him or anyone to “wrongly label” the Otoolege singer without considering the “spiritual complications” he may have encountered.
“I know many people are expecting me to be disappointed in the decision of my brother but the truth is that, I won't be quick to judge him since I haven't heard from him personally,” he said in an interview with yesterday, Sunday August 9.
Lord Kenya who announced he was born again some five years ago admitted although the gospel music market has not been good to him too, he is “fulfilled with his walk with Christ”.
After five years, Lord Kenya can only boast of his Testimony gospel album which didn't do well as compared to his secular songs such as Me Do, Sika Baa, Sika and Yensom Sika which were the toast of many music lovers.
“Every Christian has an army commander which is the Holy Spirit. When I came out with the Testimony album, it was a direction from the Holy Spirit but I haven't been instructed to release another album so I have just been writing songs. When the time comes, I will release new songs and an album”, he stated.
He said that despite the “good life” he may have enjoyed before turning to Christ, he feels more fulfilled in life and nothing will make him go back to his old ways.
“It is not easy, that I know, but He who has called us is faithful and he hasn't disappointed me yet.
“ Life is more fulfilling for me now because I don't do things to please the flesh anymore. I know I was redeemed for redemption purposes,” he stated.
He continued, “Sometimes, we take many things for granted as Christians but what we don't know is that we don't just fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness. What my brother needs now is prayers to stand the temptation and not condemnation”.
For the Born Again hit maker, it is always a difficult decision to stay faithful to your Christian life especially when you have enjoyed the “goodies of life” because there are many temptations out there.
“ Let me be frank on this issue, it is not easy at all to abandon a lifestyle that you have been used to for many years and take up the cross. It is not easy at all that is why I don't want to judge my brother. For now, what Ofori Amponsah needs is my prayers and that is what I'm doing now,” he said.
About a month ago, Ofori Amponsah stunned his followers and industry watchers when he announced his decision to sing highlife alongside gospel music. He, however, dispelled claims that he was returning to his old love because of money.
He told Showbiz in a recent interview that he had to temporarily abandon highlife because “ I wasn't living right, I was doing a lot of bad things and as such needed God in my life to make me a better person. Going gospel and ministering the word of God has really made me a better person to go back to highlife music”.
But Lord Kenya, who will celebrate five years of being called to the altar on October 28 this year, had a different view. “Darkness and light have no connection but it will be best not to pass any comment now because I have not listened to the songs”, he stated.
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