Outspoken Ghanaian actor, Nana Osei Kwame Obrempong known is showbiz as Sharpiro, says he strongly believes that occultism exist in the movie industry.
At a time when most people are commenting on the standard of the film industry, sorcery, commonly referred to as ‘juju or Black Power’ is rumoured to be used by some actors/actresses for career success.
According to existing reports in the industry, this “juju” is used to “kill” the growing career of “rivals” who serve as threats in the industry.
The Actor who just arrived in Ghana from the United State of America in an interview with said most actors and actresses are using evil spiritual powers to enhance the success of their work or to bring other people down.
“Yes I believed that it’s been going on in the industry, but I can’t point out a specific person who has been doing it but so far as is a human institution, definitely it’s going to happen; personally I dislike compromising my faith.”
According to Sharpiro, those occultists do all this for the love of money, power, for fame and for that matter they have compromised their faith.
Nana Kwame told that, the actors can not only be accused of that act, but some producers, directors and crew members also practice this occult to overtake their competitors.

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