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Top musicians who changed their names and it's effect



Change is the only constant in life and we can't run away from it. There's a saying that you can't do the same things and expect different results so obviously if something isn't going well, you have to change it.
There are times we also change things about us because we do not believe in them again or because our philosophy has changed.
These musicians started off with a stage name and over time, decided to re-brand by changing their name. For whatever reason they gave, they were at a certain point in their careers be it good or bad and we look at the impact their name change has had on them after they did it.
Therefore without further ado, below are 10 Ghanaian musicians who changed their names and it's effect on their careers.
Batman to Batman Samini to Samini
He started off with Batman and later changed to Batman Samini until he finally settled on Samini. For the Batman his reason was that people were calling him Batty and that name means something different in Jamaica which he doesn't want to be associated with him.
He further said he decided on Samini because it's his name and he wants to be different. After his name change, he's done well, he's stayed relevant, won awards, played high profile shows, opened his own pub and club and he seems to be winning.
Ayibge Edem to Edem
He started off with Ayigbe Edem and after his first album, decided to change to Edem. His reason was that the word ayigbe is derogatory. He is still doing well in the game though his dominance isn't the same as when he dropped his first album.
Jane Awindor/Jane to Efya
Efya was known as Jane Awindor or Jane when she came out of the Stars of The Future talent show. She later changed her name to Efya and she's been winning since. She's achieved more, not only with her music but with her brand as well.
Lazzy to Zeal
For years, we've known him as Lazzy of VIP. We are not sure what motivated the name change, but he decided to drop Lazzy for Zeal. Now with VVIP and they are still standing tall.
Bandana to
Bandana was his name when he joined mainstream music. After his first album, he went underground and later emerged as .
He didn't only change the name but his demeanor as well.
Bandana was a calm, respective, humble person whiles Shatta Wale is an arrogant, no-nonsense, abusive person. He's done more with Shatta Wale than with Bandana so we can say that the name change has helped him.
Christiana Love to Obaapa Christy
She was known as Christiana Love but after her divorce from her then husband, she changed to Obaapa Christy. It was understandable because LOVE is her husbands name. Her career hasn't been the same after her divorce and her name change hasn't done much to help her either.
Gogomi to Mugeez
He was known as Gogomi when he started. He was featured on Samini's first album and was with Samini for a while before joining forces with his cousin Paedae to start R2Bees. He then started using his real name Mugeez which has paid off. Mugeez is now a brand that we all associate with. He's done and won it all after changing his name and joining R2Bees.
Old Solja to Asa Khalifa
He was known as Old Solja and he wasn't like the biggest artiste out there. His name change is just a reflection of his real name, Abu-Bakr Saadiq Abdul Karim Khalifa which he has abbreviated to Asa Khalifa.
According to him, he didn't change his name for showbiz. We wait to see how his name change affects his brand and dominance.
Papa Virus/PV – Wutah Afriyie – Afriyie
He was part of the group WUTAH. They made so much progress and were one of the biggest acts in their time. For some reason, they decided to go their separate ways. After their separation, he became known as Wutah Afriyie, obviously to associate with the brand and gain grounds. He later dropped the Wutah and became simply known as Afriyie.
Tiffany to Itz Tiffany
She was known as Tiffany but along the line decided to add Itz to the name, making it Itz Tiffany. According to her, she changed or added the Itz to her name because Tiffany wasn't internet friendly. It makes a lot of sense though, however, she hasn't been that dominating as she was before the name change. If anything at all, she's been in one controversy or the other after the name change.

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