Hours after rapper, intimated that he lost respect for hiplife grandpapa, (@Reggierockstone) following the latter’s posture towards the ‘Bie Gya’ controversy between him [Waddle] and , the member of VVIP has reacted.
in an interview on Hitz FM, Tuesday, stated that Reggie Rockstone could have called the two parties and settled the issue amicably instead of wearing an ADLDAS hoodie Shatta shot the ‘Bie Gya’ video with to the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Awards.
“VIP also called us when the situation came; not Reggie Rockstone. He does doesn’t act right… Because as Grandpapa of Hiplife, he could have called Shatta and I to settle the issue. He can even call me or Shatta separately and calm the situation. You don’t wear AdLdas to VGMAs.
“I lost respect for Reggie Rockstone because of that thing. Was he taking sides or what was he trying to do? Was he trying to say it was okay Shatta and I were in that situation? On the real, Reggie Rockstone could have been the best person to maintain peace. He could have worn a footwear and then a Shatta AdLdas hoodie to prove he wanted unity… Why do we even call him the Grandpapa? He doesn’t act right,” said.
Well, Reggie Rockstone has said that only expressed his views which he has every right to. According to him, he does not consider the words of the AMG act disrespectful.
It would be recalled that Criss Waddle once labelled as an ingrate and a thief after the latter released his ‘Bie Gya’ song. Criss stated he was the first to have recorded a song with that title only for Shatta to ‘outsmart’ him.
He also accused the dancehall artiste of using sorcery to stop the shine of other artistes he cannot compete with