says she has a secret to looking way younger than her 31 years of age, and it has to do with her stance on drinking and smoking.
The ‘Ghana Jollof' songstress says by staying away from those two vices, she has been able to maintain a youthful hue even as she rolls through her 30's.
Deborah Vanessa, as she was born, was speaking to the Graphic Showbiz in an interview.
“I know I look younger than my age and my secret to that is that I was fortunate enough to carry good genes from both parents and my principle not to drink or smoke,” she said.
Sister Debbie continued to speak about her getting into showbiz despite it not particularly being a childhood dream of hers.
“Sincerely, when I was growing up, the last thing I expected was to get into showbiz. I never knew I will be here but by an act of divine or whatever anyone would want to say, I found myself as a contestant in the Miss Malaika pageant in 2004 and that opened many doors for me.
“Maybe, the desire for show business developed in me at the time but for me, it was nothing more than a little girl having fun,” she addded.
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