A tweet via the ’s official Twitter handle disclosed that the rapper is working on a concert dedicated to hiphop, and promises that it will be unpresedented.
Omar Sterling’s recently released Victory Through Harmony mixtape was released back in September to instant acclaim for its superior lyricism.
Omar Sterling’s September 30 mixtape attempts, above all, to prove his mettle lyrically. Being one half on Afropop group means that he’s “ensnared”, as their main target is one that simply wants to dance. Hence, he has had to keep his verses short and safe, or risk boring the listener.
On Victory Through Harmony however, he makes his intentions clear; he wants to rap, he wants to flow.
Unlike the commercial setting being in the group presents, a mixtape is the perfect platform to let it all out without the entrapments of sales targets, etc.
This mixtape finally pushes him into conversations circling Ghanaian rap masters. This is not unfounded, Nineteen- Ninety, Damba Flow, Swag, Bob Marley, Talk Talk, and Bob Marley add weight to this assertion.

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