The thought of growing old terrifies many people. In fact, it is many people’s prayer to live long and be able to accomplish more. As challenging as things could be, nobody wants to die before his time.

See the 72-year-old grandma who is on Instagram and Facebook

For another group of people, growing old is fine and highly acceptable since they have laboured hard to get to where they are. It is a time of harvest for people like that as they enjoy celebrating life and events with their children and grandchildren.

Some see it as the time to rest and explore the world since they have contributed their own quota. For people in this category, it is normal for them to want to be on social media platforms and connect with people they used to know when they were younger.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong in flexing at this stage as children and individuals they have raised feel obligated to provide for them and see to their needs. Due to their ages,some may find it hard to follow up on the latest devices that will intrigue them.

But the inquisitive ones will always want to know everything there is to know about new apps and devices. A 72-year-old grandma has become a viral sensation following her activeness on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. It is thrilling to see a woman of her age on these social platforms.

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She is interested in following every activity and connecting to people from all walks of life. People who are younger are still trying to discover how Facebook work, they hide under the guise of being too busy to be active there.

Endurance Keyamo, the son of the old woman, shared the amazing pictures of the woman while she was busy on her tab. She has won the hearts of many people with these pictures of hers that are everywhere.

Keyamo is super proud of his mother and her activeness on social pages. He took her picture while she was updating her status on Facebook. If you think there is nothing special about what this 72-year-old grandma has done, do not hesitate to show us your grandma and tell us what she can do.

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