London-based Ghanaian born music personality has pleaded with the public to refrain from circulating the video of the lynched army officer.
According to the musician, it's disrespectful to the family of the lynched Army Captain to see the video flying around on social media.
“This is really sad that an innocent man has to be murdered in this manner. I will plead with the governments to equip these military men more”
“I.e even if it's a form of identity they must have on when they are not in uniform. I also plead with people circulating the video of him dying to refrain from it, as the young man's family has to be respected”
“He has a young family, how would you feel if this is done to your brother? Please please please, refrain from sending the video to friends. And to bloggers, please take it off you social media platforms, this is not the time to generate traffic. let's be a bit sensitive” he wrote