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#JourneyToFame: EL Vee interviews Dj Cyril



El Vee, Ghana’s cutest online interviewer brings us another special edition of the #JourneyToFame. This time round, her guest happens be DJ Cyril the current best Dj -Volta Region of Ghana Djs awards 2017.
Dj Cyril is an event and Radio DJ who works for Joy Daddy Company andJay Dee Fm 99.9 mhz . In this exclusive interview, Dj Cyril reveals more about his Dj life, His studies, and personal issues.
check out the full interview below:
EL Vee: Welcome to my chat “Journey To Fame.
Dj Cyril: Wow! Bless up
El Vee: Please tell me briefly about yourself
DJCyril: Am Cyril Dankan from Ho 26yrs of age. My fans call me DjCyril I schooled at Holy Spirit College of education and I studied lifestyle
El Vee: Nice. Take me through the journey of being a DJ. How did it start?
Dj Cyril: hmmmm not a small journey as people think but to tell you the road have been tough, is not easy at all. But this is the life I choose despired my parent’s refusal.I had been in this for about 15yrs now.
Dj Cyril: I started with my own dad’s sound system which also help me a lot though that was not his intention for me but I still have to push my dream.
El Vee: Good! If you are not a DJ what would you have been doing?
Dj Cyril: I didn’t go to any dj school or a multimedia school for this skill but I think is something that grew in me,because I was trained as a teacher. But that’s not my path so I have to divert it my own way .
El Vee: Haahaa! your pupils miss you in the classroom anyway.
Dj Cyril: hahahah yh i Know that.
El Vee: In your journey as a DJ, what’s your worst moment and the best one if you can recalled.
Dj Cyril: Worst moment,? hahaha I had a big show in town(Ho) and my laptop’s sound card wasn’t responding so I had to use someone else, which make my show so bad, that was the worst moment I ever had and I can’t forget soon.
El Vee: Wow! That’s a blast.
Dj Cyril: E no be small that day.
El Vee: So what was you best moment?
Dj Cyril: When am at a show and my fans are happy then I know my work as a dj is done. And that always makes my best moment.
El Vee: Which radio station are you currently working with?
Dj Cyril: Jay Dee Fm 99.9 mhz in Ho.
El Vee: Ok.
El Vee: What program or show do you present?
Dj Cyril: We don’t do show nor programs
Dj Cyril: We only play music and do advert.
El Vee: What do you do for joy daddy bitters company.
Dj Cyril: Am their company Dj, I play shows all around Gh, festival and stuffs for them.
El Vee: Really? Thats a huge deal. But you recently sweep an award from the hands of most deserving DJs in the Volta region.
Dj Cyril: Yeah because I played most of the shows here in the region.
El Vee: How did you manage to win GH DJ Awards?
Dj Cyril: Is the fans dear, the fans voted because they knew am the best.
El Vee: People mentioned they don’t know you and the station you work for.
Dj Cyril: Are they from volta?
El Vee: Yes. Lol Dj Cyril: Because my name is ACCRA ALL and if my own people don’t know me then i think you need to help me reach them too.
El Vee: Did you buy the award?
Dj Cyril: hahahah , how can I? I CANT BUY AN Award, though people do but am not one of them
El Vee: DJ Cyril what effort did you put in winning the award this year that you think your colleague couldn’t do?
Dj Cyril: Is my fans who supported me, they really voted for me, infact I won the highest vote in the whole competition.
Dj Cyril: I think the way I play on air and even my out door shows & events makes me more popular in winning this year’s award.
El Vee: How do you feel that evening when they mentioned you as the winner? Deserving or not?
Dj Cyril: To me it was normal deserving. Because I know God made me a winner long time. And moreover I took a couple of awards before. So am just keeping it real.
El vee: What are those awards aside this?
El Vee: Did the other DJs in that category with you call to congratulate you?
Dj Cyril: Yes they all congratulated me because they know am the winner already.
El Vee: You are so confident about your input. I believe with your profile you deserve it too.
Dj Cyril: Sure! thank you. El Vee: What is that rumour you heard about yourself which is true?
Dj Cyril: nothing yet
El Vee: Eeeiiii really! But I heard you like ladies.
Dj Cyril: hahahahahaha.
Dj Cyril: Ladies like us but we don’t.
El Vee: Its a rumour
Dj Cyril: lie lie
El Vee: Do you have just one gitlfriend?
Dj Cyril: Am free to mingle but i don’t think am a womanizer.
Dj Cyril: I have so many girlfriends but i can’t love them all. Every girl want a guy who is popular, but am very careful of girls because they will bring me down. El Vee: So you dont have a love life?
Dj Cyril: Yeah
El Vee: Lol, If you are not Djing on a regular day, What can we find you doing?
Dj Cyril: I always sit by my laptop because I want to know more about what am into and if am free, I watch movies and relax, i don’t go out.
El Vee: Back to awards. Apart from you who do you think should have carry the Gh DJ award volta region?
Dj Cyril: To me I don’t really know yet because non of them play the kind of shows I play and I think none of them reach my level yet, most of them have to learn more
El Vee: But last year one person in the category took it. Correct me if am wrong.
Dj Cyril: Most of them cannot fit into the system of how we run things in ACCRA and stuffs because I work at so many radio station in the city and play more shows but when am in volta I see that most of them just relax. Last year I was in accra doing some other staffs and was not in volta that’s Why, but now am fully in so I’ll be winning saaaaa till my time past and even next year am going for international not regional anymore.
Dj Cyril: That’s what am working towards now.
El Vee: DJ Cyril, I believe my readers will agreed with me that you are good.
Dj Cyril: Am the best
El Vee: But will not agreed that you dont see potential in the rest of your colleagues.
Dj Cyril: hahahaha am not saying that. We are all good but just that the best have to be recognise
El Vee: What are some of the major shows you played in and out of the region?
Dj Cyril: I played stonebowy show right here in Ho ,rudeboy ranking independence show by bull house entertainment , rapper holic show by sakodie and many more.
Dj Cyril: i played most of our top artist shows right here in the region
El Vee: Ok. Last question. Are you working with any artist?
Dj Cyril: Yeah
El Vee: Who is that?
Dj Cyril: I work for so many artist in and out of Volta and many recording studios
El Vee: So no particular art for now?
Dj Cyril: I work for Yaa Pono , Enamily , rudebowy ranking , holtical , king one studio , kush elikem , will beatz records , Hecta Gh , JJ GONAMI and many more, so many of them,
El Vee: Now you are our best DJ in Volta. How much do you charge for a show?
Dj Cyril: It depends on the show
El Vee: Whats the range?, 1000?
Dj Cyril: Hahaha hahaha, i can’t mention any amount unless my manager.
El Vee: OK, How can my readers reach you?
Dj Cyril: This is my social media handles.
Facebook : DjCyril D Vybe Charger
mail. [email protected]
twitter . @vybecharger instagram . djcyril_ whats app . 0207285400
El Vee: Do you have anything special to say before I make live of you?
Dj Cyril: I thank the almighty God and my lovely fans for making my dreams come to reality ,to my fans, I can never do without them and all i need from them is to keep the fire burning …. love them all Dj Cyril: stay bless
El Vee: Thanks
Dj Cyril: You are welcome
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