This year’s Anlo goes down in history as one that united the paramount chief of Asogli state, Agbogbomefia Torgbe Afede XIV and the Awoamefia of Anlo State III as the former has made a royal visit for the festival (Hogbetsotso)  and to interact with the chiefs and of people of Anlo.

The Asogli and Anlo who both trace their ancestry to Notse in Togo have for the first time in history after their departure in migration decades ago come together to foster unity by calling on all citizens of the Volta Region to remain united for development.

Torgbe Sri III as covered by, who welcomed His Royal Highness Torgbe Afede was hopeful it’s the beginning of a new dawn stating, the theme for the festival as timely reflection of what the people of the region have been clamoring for.

“The theme ‘Shoring-UP our cultural capital: Uniting in Commonwealth and Resolve’ is not only befitting the occasion but also timely in our quest for development and social progress as a people” Torgbe Sri III expressed.

The two paramountcies came together to champion the course of unity in the region.

The Unity may not only come at a time the people of the region keep calling for it but it’s at a time the Region is been tabled for dissection.

Torgbe Afede XIV in his speech indicated that his visit to the Anlo State is indicative of the resolve of the chiefs and people to be united as one. “This festival celebration should teach us to love one another and also take away selfish tendencies among the good people of the land.

Acknowledging the historic visit of the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli state, Torgbe Sri III recounted how the Ewes migrated to Notse before migrating to their present settlements.

“I’m overly excited to have been here to vividly remember how our forefathers migrated to our present place of habitat. The Hogbetsotso festival is celebrated to foster unity and everyone is involved. Our main preoccupation is to be thinking of how we progress steadily as a people with one destiny. This celebration is to enable us to build the Anlo state and this gathering here today shows how formidable we are to restore the lost hope”, he recounted.