Most talents in the Volta Region are not developing because, they feel too big to learn after having one or two songs on air

Speaking on “Eυeawo Fiɛ Na Mi” on V1 TV on Friday 10th November 2018, the Chairman of Volta Musiga, Mr. , told the host Muta Nyasorgbor how most of the artiste don’t attend meetings to learn the new trends and how to develop themselves in the industry.

“Most of them think when your song or video is receiving an airplay, then you have made it. They feel too big to even respect and take a piece of advice. They will not like to do any work in addition to the music career, but doing music without any salaried work will not take you anywhere.”… Tony D explains

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“The most painful part is, when you advice them on the lyrics in their songs, they will see you as an enemy of progress. Most of them are not humble, nor respectful. We recently held a program at Ho and all that we discussed on how the program should go was a wind that blew with no profit. There are a lot of challenges but we are hoping to put Volta on the map because we have a lot of talents.”… Tony D continues

“Most of the people are not helping especially sponsoring our shows so I am only pleading that we all need to come together and show our talents to the world because unity is strength. We seriously need help from every corner.”… Tony D concluded

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Jerome Bigx, who was also a guest on the show, said most of the artistes are following one trend because all they want is to get money at all cost..

The callers who contributed to the show, lamented on how most of the songs are not educative and have advised that more education should go to the artiste since that can bring development to the Industry.