, a movie set in ancient African Culture and heritage is ready for premiere on Friday, December 7, 2018, at Global Cinemas.

According to Confidence Losu, the director of the movie, he is very confident of the performance of the movie as it portrays pure African culture and something that’s been missing from the screens in a very long time.


Asked what the movie is about during an interview with Tieghana, Confidence said the movie speaks about an ancient African village’s struggle to overcome a curse of famine placed on them by the gods. He said the movie is of international repute and that it would go all over the world once it is premiered in Ghana.

The movie was co-produced by Tableteye Multimedia Company Limited and King Louis Entertainment.

Synopsis Of The Movie

A kingdom is left to strive for food by the upsurge of famine. A Change in the gods leads to a curse on the land of Zoli.

The short-term remedy is to sell natives out as slaves to other villages.  And of course, eventually,  the village turns into a “dead town”.

It is preferred that only the blood of a baby girl would cleanse the land of its sins. But how would this be possible, when no baby girl is born yet in the land?

Who bears the blame? Would there be another solution?
It is the feelings and emotions: anxiety, anger and disappointments of this story which spans the scenes and actions of this movie – *Zoli*.

The cast for ‘Zoli’ include the following names: Emmanuel France, Abena Kyei Boakye, Gold Brain, I.B Gyansah, BKay Gh and many other fantastic casts.

The first show is set for 5 Pm while the second show commences at 9 PM Sharp. Grab your tickets today at 35 Cedis for single and 60 Cedis for double.

Remember that for every ticket you buy, an amount is donated to the natives of a deprived village along the Volta lake. Come and enjoy a fantastic display of creativity and authentic African Culture on the 7th of December. It is a holiday, join us there!

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Watch the official trailer below: