Vocabulary Consultant Forum powered by Before Breakfast Lessons() is a leading English language platform on social media that offers superior round-the clock services and support to academics and professionals, at no cost.

It is a platform for the study of the usage of the Standard English language and expansion of Vocabulary. It also creates room for Literature discussion.

VOCOF/BBL is a group which provides daily lessons, tips and resources to help individuals to learn and practice English.

It has been the best group on whatsapp helping individuals to improve their English Vocabulary, English Grammar, English Conversation, Literature and more.


VOCOF/BBL consists of  a team of English language specialists with years of combined professional experience in language review, composition, and research.

They are committed to providing only the most qualified English language specialists who operate continuously in compliance with accepted standards, while maintaining organizational flexibility by adapting to international language trends.

VOCOF/BBL has been operating for some years and operates  like a school on social media now.

Due to its works, VOCOF/BBL has been  known by many as ‘The Hub of Standard English”.


The teachers are enthusiastic young graduates with a dynamic and an energetic personality, who have excellent facilitation, communications and negotiations skills; and acquired sound knowledge in English major, Research works, Business Communication and Public Relations, with substantial interest to impart knowledge.

The young men, Thomas Dorgloh and , affectionately called Chief DiKT and Hamlet respectively, are passionate about language studies and the discourse of Africa.

They had studies in English and have since been teachers of English both inside and outside the classroom.

They are well read in the areas of Communication Skills, Literature, Critical Ideas, Research Methods in English, among others.

They are enthusiastic about inspiring confidence in young people, within and outside Ghana, to be expressive in their native languages as well as the English language which is the official language in many countries.

It is this spirit that birthed the inception of  Vocabulary Consultant Forum and Before Breakfast Lessons which they have broadcast on social media for some years now.

Aside teaching English Language, Hamlet and Chief DiKT take much interest in being litterateurs. Passionate about the discourse of Africa, they bring this passion to bear in their writings and social commentaries on issues concerning Africa.

They, as well, write about love, communism, equality, streetism, education and, most important, on the need to uphold the pillars of moral, cultural, and social values.

They are editors, poets, essayists, social commentators, and educators.

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