In one of the numerous posts made this morning 9th August 2019 on Facebook, Sellally Lawson who in the past days has been using his social media handles campaigning for the fixing of Volta Region’s roads with the hash tags, #FixVoltaRoadsNow takes a critical look at the recent transport sensation, Mahama Camboo.

This is what he thinks about the intervention”

“Mahama Camboo, Extremely Cheaper, Accessible, Riskier and Deadlier ?

The ‘Mahama Camboo’ though provides the cheapest means of transportation for commuters and their goods, also enabling access to inaccessible areas in the country, it is also one of the new additions to the numerous risks that we take on daily basis.

The tricycle aside not having protective mechanisms such as doors, seatbelts and all installed to protect passengers, it is also not insured for commercial use. It means that in times of accidents like we have witnessed in the Glalah Street viral video where there were a number of persons severely injured, and several other accidents involving these tricycle cars, there shall be no compensation from any insurance company. You either hold the Mahama Camboo transport company for liability or you apply for what is termed with the National Insurance Commission as the Motor Compensation Fund which caters for incidents that are not covered under any of the insurance categories or when the insurance company repudiate liability.

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I mentioned earlier that the intervention is part of the daily risks that we take these days but what I consider to be riskier and extremely dangerous is agreeing to sit beside the riders (Drivers). I wonder why people accept to sit beside them. Even if you are running out of time or you are four in number traveling together, I feel you should allow your colleagues to go ahead of you while you follow up with the next car.

It is Cheaper, I agree. I am one of the people who enjoy it not necessarily because it is relatively cheaper compared to taxis and motorcycles but because I fell in love with the ride maybe because it provides that feeling of freedom especially if you are alone in it or two of you. It is more beautiful and sweet if you sit in this with your loved one. Take your wife or your girlfriend in this one evening: tell the rider to be patient and take you slowly through town. It is more magical when you have no destination in mind, kissing each other and having a convo about the past or the future.

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However, in all these, NEVER accept to sit beside the rider or accept to be packed more than what is required. It is Cheaper, Yes! It provides Freedom, Yes! It is a new experience, Yes! But it is part of the riskiest decisions we take in recent times.

God protects us all.”

Photo Credit: Geoffrey Butta

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