Tom D'Frick buys new Car

Volta Region Best rapper and Ovorvom Hit-maker, Tom D’Frick has taken to social media to shows off his newly acquired Mercedes Benz GLC coup 2019.

Money they say is the root of all evil but to Tom D’Frick, more money means more cars.

Not too long ago AMG Medikal buys a new Range Rover because he was bored

Every Ghanaian is complaining of the lockdown and how bored they are at home. While it’s necessary for the lockdown to continue to stop the spread of the virus, Tom D’frick thinks getting a car would ease the boredom.

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“Guess what ??…….#ovorvorm #amgbusiness #tomconsult #newwhip #mercedes” He posted on Instagram

While the price of the car is not known, it’s estimated at $135,000.

Source: Dklassgh.Com

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