6 Things You Must Do As An Up And Coming Artiste

The of today is filled with lots of young talents. So it is always a crazy hustle for every upcoming artist who wants to make it big in the industry.

I have decided to craft out 6 things you should do as an upcoming artist for you to be ahead of other upcoming artists in .

1. Patience

As an upcoming artiste, frustration will come after years of putting effort into the hustle but still no good result.

Many do give up because they can’t handle this frustration. You should always encourage yourself having in mind that most top artists didn’t make it that easy.

It took most of them years of trying and they were once rejected by the said audience who appreciate them today.

2. Quality

This is a very important aspect of music. As an upcoming artist you should try to work more on your rhymes, mixing, and mastering.

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Make sure you work with a studio that has a better sound card, a decent condenser microphone, and find at least a semi-professional who will mix and master your song.

3. Get A Slogan

Whats else”, “Rockstar”, “Sugar Daddy”, “Akyeiisaa”, “Paaah Paaaah Paaaah”, “One Gad“Lie Lie” are some popular slogans from some of our top artists in the industry.

Get something unique and make it all yours.

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4. Promo

You need a promotion to get your required boost. Get your song on radio stations, always perform on street shows, relate with DJ’s for your song to get a place on their mixtape.

And don’t forget to always promote your songs on top entertainment sites, such as Dklassgh.Com and Jonilar.net

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“Even real talents still need promo” Edem talk am.

5. Stop Waiting For Record Label

Just concentrate and do your own thing.

Nowadays, labels hardly sign an artiste without a successful independent career.

6. Have A Backup Plan

Try to have a backup plan should in case things didn’t go as planned, I advice you get an educational qualification or better still learn a trade.

If you don’t know, most top artistes are degree holders.

The End!!


Source: Dklassgh.Com