Andrea Owusu also known as  , Ghanaian socialite, has voiced her dissatisfaction in Ghana's president for napping on his job in France, stating she is embarrassed by that.

In response to the viral video of the president napping in France while attending the African summit, Efia Odo said it's embarrassing for someone to sleep on their job, which is precisely what the president did back in France.

It's one thing to fall asleep in class, but falling asleep on the job is embarrassing, according to Efia Odo, and that's exactly what we see our president do pretty much every time he travels outside the nation for any function.

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This isn't the first time the president has slept in a meeting, but Efia Odo feels it's disgusting to have a president sleep on his job while attending a conference to discover innovative methods to assist his people improve their financial situation.

After the video went viral, many people ridiculed and mocked the president, and Efia Odo is so humiliated by everything that's going on that she feels it's an embarrassment for a full-grown guy to be sleeping on his job in another country.

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Some individuals try to justify the president's behavior by claiming that he is exhausted after his travel, while others argue that because this is not his first time napping at such an event, it has nothing to do with his having a lengthy travel to France.

Below is a screenshot of what Efia Odo tweeted:


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