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“Prince David Osei, Kwabena Kwabena, And James Gardiner Sleep With People’s Wife For Money” – Popular Blogger Reveals



, James Gardiner, and singer , all Ghanaian celebrities, have been revealed as suspected top Ghanaian gigolos.

According to a post by blogger Cutie Julls, these celebs sleep with wealthy women for financial gain.

Cutie Julls claims that these guys seek out and date East Legon ladies whose husbands are wealthy so that they can look after them.

Trassaco ladies are another hotspot for them. It's said that these women's husbands are generally from outside the nation, so these guys take advantage of the opportunity to be with them and earn money.

Most of our Ghanaian celebrities, particularly the females, have been connected to this type of behavior in order to fund their lavish lifestyles; however, we were unaware that some of the boys are also participating!

We've stopped doing amebo o it's just that we want to share with you that in Ghana, as the married men are doing the young girls, these fine energetic young men have reciprocated by doing the married women also. Whether you are young or old. It doesn't matter. So long as you are a married woman with rich husband and you have access to the money then you qualify. Especially those around East Legon and Trassaco that their husbands spend most times abroad. As for Bro Kwabena di3 he will even move in with the woman if she wants. 😩😩

But on a more serious note, some of the husbands have become aware and when the vawlence happens, don't say “Cutie did not warn them”. Okay o, cutie julls wrote on Instagram.



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