Knii Lante replies Socrates Sarfo
Knii Lante and Socrates Sarfo

About 2 months ago, movie producer Socrates Sarfo accused Knii Lante for ditching his first love, reggae, and following the afrobeat wave. Socrates made this allegation on the Best Entertainment show on Okay FM.

According to Socrates, many reggae musicians had confidence in the genre because of the works of Knii Lante.

He believed Knii Lante was the face of the genre and his betrayal led to the sinking of reggae musician in Ghana.

However, in response, the doctor who doubles as a musician, Knii Lante has released . is a reggae song which calls on all from all walks of life to come together in unity and party all the stress away. The song, produced in Germany by Big Finger Copolo was released on July 23 rd to observe the birth of Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia.

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According to the ‘Baby Take Good Care’ hitmaker, among all the pressure from his fans to release a reggae song, the accusations from Socrates also pushed him to release Boots Off.

“ The way Socrates murder me the last time. He say I no dey play reggae and I made him a promise I was going to drop a reggae track. So this is it. Boot Off “ Knii Lante said on the Best Entertainment Show with Halifax Ansah-Addo.

However, Socrates sent a message into the show to congratulate Knii Lante on his release. The message reads, “ Welcome home where your strength is. 1 love. Don’t follow the wind again.”

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