Serwaa Amihere
Serwaa Amihere

Serwaa Amihere does not give a damn about all the rumours that erupted yesterday that sought to throw dirt on her person and paint a bad picture of who she actually is.

One would have thought that Serwaa Amihere wouldn’t have been able to step out today and go to work taking into account all the backlash on social media last night after one Snapchat user with the handle @Bombshellis2021 made a lot of allegations about her.

Well, she has proven to be made of steel because she was live on GHone TV’s Breakfast show earlier this morning and she sat in her seat as host and delivered like she always does.

Also, she also used the period she was being prepped for the show to drop a subtle reaction to all the things that have been said and done to destroy her reputation in the last few hours.

In a video available to Dklassgh.Com, Serwaa Amihere was seen happily dancing and singing along to Fameye’s hit single, ‘Praise’.

unny enough, the video which was shared on Serwaa Amihere’s Twitter timeline was captured just when the lines below were playing loudly in the background…

”…Now I’m a shining star
Last year by this time
Na menam daadi
Meni sika wo me bɔtom buh na ma plani I know what ago do moro nti na ɛnha me
Di matɛm nka me coat mpo na aba bɛka me
Woka m’asem dabia metieMedi woka nawo se metie I’m focus, im focus
Mepɛsɛ mia me yɛ me own boss
Nkyɛkyɛkyɛ bia wo nafe…”

I guess the message is very simple and it is clear that Serwaa is telling those trying to attack her that she is nonchalant because she is very focused on her craft now as a shining star.

Watch the video below

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