Celebrity barber prices in Ghana
Celebrity barber prices in Ghana

Frank Kwesi Godwin known as Celebrity Barber is behind the clean haircut of celebrities like Kidi, Guru, Kaywa, Kurl Songx among other celebrities. Celebrity barber is the owner of celebrity parlour which is the first of its kind to take barbering in Ghana to the next level.

He is a hard-working gentleman who goes by the slogan taking Ghana to the world. He’s worked with celebrities like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and Kidi and others. The Barber has raised the standards of haircuts in Ghana.

Infering from the name “Celebrity barber”, we can get a fair idea of the specific category of individuals he shaves. He shaves more of the celebrities Ghanaians are familiar with.

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Though he is widely known for trimming the hair of famous people, he is also shaves anyone who is willing to pay for his services.

He is an artistic barber whose handwork is mind-blowing. Celebrity barber is a pacesetter in the barbering industry using social media to project his work and craft to Ghanaians. The barber comes with some interesting prices every year for his clients. He offers home service to quite a number of celebrities in Ghana.

Celebrity barber is a determined young guy who is bent on starting his grooming school to train young and new barbers about his God-given talent and craft. According to him, Shatta Wale pays 1,500 cedis for a haircut and sometimes pays in dollars. He also revealed that Ghana’s ‘Highest’ rapper Sarkodie pays 500 cedis for a haircut.

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He comes with some interesting prices for the year 2021.

These prices are below:

Celebrity barber prices in Ghana

  1. Regular cut-Gh¢20.00
  2. Cut and dye (black0-. GH¢30.00
  3. Cut, dye (black) and curls- Gh¢50.00
  4. Cut, dye (blonde) and curlS-. Gh¢70.00
  5. Blonde dye only- Gh¢50.00
  6. Colorful dye only- Gh¢70.00
  7. Cut, curls and colorful dye- Gh¢100.00
  8. Home service (VIP TREATMENT) Cool GHC 300

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