, the Ghanaian rapper, has revealed that his first earnings as a musician were used to buy a piece of land.

Sarkodie recalled a ten-year-ago incident in which he spent all of the money he earned from playing at an event to buy a house instead of spending it extravagantly.

“I recall my first paycheck, which was from a television show. It was a difficult decision for someone who has been hustling for a long time, but I had to reward myself. I was given a plot of property. In an interview with PulseKenya, he claimed, “literally the entire money for a land.”

Sarkodie said when asked what had happened to the land:

“The region has grown rapidly in recent years, but I still have a space there. It’s a charming little area with a ring of fly homes all around it. The only problem is that the location is far away from me, which is a problem considering everything I’m working on right now is close by. Even if the land is far away from me, it is still quite valuable.”

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Sarkodie said, among other things, that he is not the kind to squander money on several automobiles, preferring instead to invest in a nice and timeless vehicle.

“I dislike spending money on cars. I could use it if I could find a quality, long-lasting automobile, but I don’t think it’s worth it. It doesn’t make financial sense. I don’t have many automobiles, and if I do, I want one that looks brand new regardless of how old it is. Before I make a purchase, I give it a lot of thought. He said, “I’m the sort that constantly wants to make sure I don’t go broke.”

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The CEO of Sarkcess Music is presently on a media tour in Kenya to promote his new album, “No Pressure.”

Source: Dklassgh.com

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