Strongman Disciplines Goes Savage On A Sarkodie Fan Who Tagged Him As Ungrateful

Osei Kwaku Vincent, better known as ‘,’ the prominent Ghanaian rapper, suggested musicians who are upset over ’s failure to pick up the phone or respond to messages should do the same to him.

Strongman believes that ‘crying’ to the public about the situation will not fix the problem.

Sarkodie has recently been chastised by colleagues for his propensity of ignoring phone calls and failing to respond to texts.

During an interview with Angel Fm’s “Drive Time Show,” Strongman responded to the problem by emphasizing that people who complain about Sarkodie’s habit of ignoring their phone calls and texts would never be able to compel him to answer.

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“If Sarkodie is avoiding your calls because you require his services, you have the option of ignoring his calls when he requires your services. That’s a tit-for-tat situation. I’ll never come out and complain if I call Sarkodie and he ignores me because I need him, but I’ll likewise ignore his calls when he needs me. Complaining will never get him to return my calls,” he asserted.

“I don’t understand why some people act as if Sarkodie is their girlfriend when they complain. Even your girlfriend may refuse to take your calls, but imagine how much more Sarkodie, who owns his own phone and pays for his credit, can do the same. You can’t make him answer your calls,” he stated.

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