Yaw Dhope

Stanley Asiedu, known in the music industry as has grown into an adamant character pursuing his passion for making innovative music.

His songs sound generic to the point of being absolutely disposable and interchangeable, infectious ear worms and heart wrenching tunes all moving forward with a good approach.

His demeanor not to give up, to make an impact for the populace to hear, listen and pay much attention to him has been of high persuasion over the period.

Despite the recognition not being on high score as an already established artiste, he describes his current trend and acceptance from some score of the public as a good process.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, he described his continuous purpose in music as a God given talent which he says can’t be downplayed into a neglect form.

Yaw Dhope
Yaw Dhope

“The process is hard; is difficult to be heard and accepted fully as an upcoming artiste in our part of the world especially when you are doing it alone, when you’re under no label, which pushes you to work on your own. It is hard, that’s the reality. My songs are good, I know the talent I possess but the recognition has not come that well. In all this, I’m not ready to give up, I won’t, I will continue pushing, with the assurance and believe that, God’s time is the best. I know we shall get there soon and soon”.

According to Yaw Dhope, he has more than ten tracks namely, DevilKnock, KwashiemanToLabadi, CloseToTheGround, RichesAndEnvy, LightAndDarkness, FriendsAndJourney, FlowUnlocked, SorryForLeft, MakeMoney, Vis-à-vis, Onewayortheother, BadmindGee which has proven his stay, talent, high level of flow he carries and ready for longevity stay in the industry.


Yaw Dhope with his talent skills has received massive endorsement from highly respectable personalities in the industry already, host of ‘Best Entertainment Show’ on Okay FM, Halifax Ansah-Addo who has spent about two decades of his life as a talent manager, experienced entertainment writer and critic also endorsed the talent of Yaw Dhope few days ago.

During an interview session last Wednesday, Halifax said, “So Yaw Dhope, you are this good. Where have you been all this while? I honestly believe you are good. I’ve not regretted interviewing you. I’m proud of you, you talk well, super intelligent, the talent is there and I’ve not regretted at all. As an upcoming person, this is a good start”.

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