The highest events headed by Yung Moni are out to serve the general public with the hottest October in Accra dubbed .

The 16th October program which will be held at Mckay’s pub (Achimota overhead) will be coming with lots of activities and giveaways, the main reason you shouldn’t miss.

Tickets for the party are just affordable and you can dial *713*33*08# to purchase an advance ticket which is more affordable than tickets to be sold at the gate.

However, there are a few frequently asked questions the organizers would love to tackle just to give a clear mind to the general public before the party is due.

Below are a few questions by the general public and organizers answers to those questions:

Are We Really Going To Pull Pants Down?

Never!, the party was themed Pants Down just for namesake with no intentions of bringing down pants at the event, however, there will be a lot of activities that will be more fun than bringing pants down.

Will The Covid Protocols Be Observed?

It will be really difficult to adhere to some protocols, especially social distancing but we still got things in place to make the better very nice and protective. Stay Safe, COVID is real.

How About The Security System? People Get Stab At Parties.

Yeh people get stabbed at parties but probably not ours, we got more than two bouncers who are ready to make sure we have a safe and successful program.

I Know Mckays Pub, How And Why The VIP And Regular seats?

We taking over the whole of Mckay’s pub on the day, from the club to the outside to the main gate. We had to do so just to prevent overcrowding inside the nightclub. We are expecting over 300 people and we all cant be inside the nightclub so we have to move some people outside the nightclub but ith the Mckays pub. One may ask what if we all buy the Vip ticket?. Just know that it can never be possible.

How Does The Online Ticket Work?

It’s the easiest way ever to buy tickets. you dial *713*33*08#. follow the process and just make sure you have some coins in your wallet for the deduction, After you receive the ticket code which is confidential and must be protected. Whatsapp or call 0240216574 if you want to buy the ticket online but facing problems.

Lastly, if you are an artist who wants to perform or a private individual who wants to support or make an inquiry, just call or WhatsApp: 0549 699 533 or 0559 305 966


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