Despite Ghana’s claim to be one of the world’s most religious countries, Porn Hub has ranked the country as the world’s second-highest porn-watching country.

According to an article on, the world’s largest pornographic organization has compiled a list of users and subscribers from the top 25 countries.

Regardless of the fact that Ghana is a devout country, with Christians accounting for 71% of the population and Muslims accounting for 17%, PornHub states that Ghanaians are the second-most avid viewers of pornographic videos, pictures, and skits.

In response, Afia Schwarzenegger claimed that the list has demonstrated that Ghana, more than any other country, requires the National Cathedral. Despite certain men of God’s pleas for people to quit watching sexual content, she claims that some people continue to watch and engage in masturbation.

She argued that Ghanaians should make it a priority to donate to the building of the National Cathedral in order to prevent immoral behavior such as accessing pornographic content.

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