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Ghanaian Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has virtually turned herself into a fetish priest as her social media banter with Ayisha Modi continues.

Schwar and Modi have been at each other’s throats over the past few days throwing insults at each other.

Wanting to mock Modi, Schwar has turned herself into a spiritualist to demonstrate what the former said in her video.

In a video shared on her Instagram page on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, Schwar is seen dressed in a red outfit with powder over her face like a fetish priest.

Playing in the background is the audio of Ayisha Modi’s threat to deal with her spiritually. She tried to act how a spiritualist was going to do what Modi wanted for her.

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However, Ayisha Modi has decided to escalate the conflict with Afia Schwarzenegger. This follows Afia Schwarzenegger’s social media ridicule of Ayisha Modi.

It may be remembered that Afia posted a photo of Ayisha Modi on Instagram and claimed that her sudden weight reduction was caused by drug misuse.

She claims that Ayisha’s drug habit has ruined her life, claiming that she now resembles a bleached ‘tie and dye’.

“I know she’ll be here in person, but VAWULENCE insists that madam proof show her face. All of this should have been obvious to me, Ayisha. Please accept my apologies for breaking your serenity, Ghanaians. “I told you the drugs would ruin you, Ayisha,” she added.

However, in response to her message, Ayisha warns that she will drive…Continue Reading

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