In a recent interview, popular social media influencer and philanthropist Ayisha Modi revealed that he used to give dancehall artist Samini money for transportation.

Ayisha Modi revealed that she made a lot of investments in Samini when he was still struggling to break into the music industry during a recent interview with Dave Hammer, the social media personality and staunch fan Stonebwoy.

Ayisha Modi said how she used to give payola to radio DJs in order for them to broadcast Samini’s songs when he was just starting out.

She further said that in addition to the payola she paid for Samini’s songs to be aired on the radio, she used to pay for his transportation to other radio stations for interviews. Ayisha Modi went on to say that she continued to invest in Samini’s music even after he became well-known and famous.

Samini and others were chastised by Ayisha for being ungrateful and unappreciative of her. When Samini was making his way into the music industry, Ayisha Modi said that she spent over $3000 on airtime for his followers.

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