Controversial Ghanaian YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon,  took to social media to express his gratitude for Okesse1’s birthday gift.

Kwadwo Sheldon’s birthday is today, September 14th, and he has been bombarded with birthday wishes, but he appears to have taken a liking to the individuals who are not only wishing him with words but also with acts.

Several celebrities, like Ameyaw Debrah, wished him a happy birthday, but he politely requested that they send him momo in addition to the greetings.

Okesse1 has demonstrated his love and support for Kwadwo Sheldon’s craft by gifting him GHC 2000 as a special birthday present.

Kwadwo Sheldon thanked Okesse1 for the gift and posted a screenshot of the mobile money transfer notice, expressing his deep gratitude.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian rapper Desmond Blackmore, better known in the industry as D Black offers some advice and encouragement for individuals who rely on the aid of others, noting that no one is required to help you.

D Black stated that the argument that no one is there to help you is not legitimate since no one is obligated to support you in any manner and your future is completely dependent on you.

According to him, he came from a shattered family where his mother did her b...continue reading


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