Ghanaian rapper Desmond Blackmore, better known in the industry as D Black offers some advice and encouragement for individuals who rely on the aid of others, noting that no one is required to help you.

D Black stated that the argument that no one is there to help you is not legitimate since no one is obligated to support you in any manner and your future is completely dependent on you.

According to him, he came from a shattered family where his mother did her best to care for him. As a result, his mother expected him to go to school and become a doctor or lawyer, but not a musician. As a result, he needs to forge his own path to success because he chose music.

D Black went on to say that the aid you receive should be viewed as a bonus rather than an excuse that no one is available to assist you, because no one in the world is required to help you in any manner, and only you and no one else can control your fate.

When a result, as you begin your day, remember that others who have been in worse situations, places, and circumstances than you have succeeded in life because they refused to give up and battled for their ambitions to come true.

D Black then encouraged the individual, stating that if individuals in worse positions than yours have made it, why can’t you urge them to go get it on their own terms, as long as it is something good and not something bad?

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