Mercy Johnson Tik Tok Video
Mercy Johnson

TikTok star and actress, Asantewaa, has captivated the heart of legendary Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson.

Mercy Johnson, one of Nigeria’s best actresses, has given her attention to Asantewaa because of her TikTok videos and acting talent.

Asantewaa before becoming a TikTok Star, was a ‘wana be’ actress who followed movie stars on set and featured in very few. Discovering TikTok, she sent her acting skills on the app, and people loved it, making her one of the biggest TikTok influencers in the country.

Mercy discovered her after watching a TikTok video of her(Asantewaa) impersonating her using a sound from her film.

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Mercy Johnson re-posted the video on her page, expressing her delight with Asantewaa’s performance and showing her love in the process.

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