Psalm Adjeteyfio

Psalm Adjetefio, TT of Taxi fame, has chastised individuals who mock him for being impoverished despite all the success he has had in the past.

Psalm Adjetefio’s life hasn’t been the same since he became ill a few years ago, and he was recently begging for money for his housing rent when the Vice President and others came to his rescue, offering him money for his upkeep and surgery.

Some netizens reacting to Psalm Adjeteyfio’s plight made fun of him asking why he didn’t save for the future after all the fame he enjoyed in the past claiming they would rather donate somewhere else than give it to him.

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Some of these trolls used such terrible language on TT that he blasted them violently, stating that he prays to God to let the devil visit them, and then they would know that no matter how much money they have, it is nothing.

People, he claims, work hard in their youth to earn money and save for retirement, but something called illness, which he did not create, takes virtually everything away from them, leaving them destitute as if they had never worked.
What Psalm Adjetefio is trying to express is that his illness has taken away all of his possessions, and now that he is unable to work due to his heart problem, he prays that the devil visits them one by one.

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