Wendy Shay, one award-winning Ghanaian female artist, has revealed that the loss of Ebony, the Ruff-Town record label’s blazing star, has had a significant impact on her.

Many people, according to Wendy, did not appreciate the fact that she instantly replaced their favorite celebrity on the record label, causing them to develop a dislike for her.

The ‘Shay on You’ hitmaker said in an interview with PowerFM on Saturday, September 18, 2021, that she faced several obstacles when attempting to get into the music industry.

“When I first entered the profession, I had a lot of obstacles because of Ebony’s death; people didn’t want to listen to me since they thought their favorite had died. I expected those who claimed to love Ebony to exhibit the same love to me because, if you claim to love someone and that person dies, I believe you should show the same love to her successor, and that would prove how much you loved her,” she remarked.

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She claims that breaking into the music business despite Ghanaians’ animosity has helped her solidify her place in the industry.

Wendy made this statement while on a media tour in the Western Region to promote her new album, ‘Shayning Star,’ which was released earlier this year.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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