Kwame Oboadie
Kwame Oboadie

of Adom FM fame has admitted to living a promiscuous life that left two ladies pregnant for him simultaneously as blogger ZionFelix did.

In a similar situation to what Zion Felix has been caught in, Kwame Obaodie disclosed that the two women gave birth for him at the same time, however, he was compelled to marry one.

Recounting the story on The Delay Show, he said both women failed to abort the pregnancy which has seen one of the women gave birth to twins and the other a baby girl, hence, his three children from two different women.

“I have three kids including a set of twins who are of the same age. Two women got pregnant for me at the same time but at the end of the day, I married just one of them. None of them wanted to get rid of it,” he told Delay.

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Speaking about why he married one, he said “as for the woman I married, she was tough on me and stood her grounds that I had to do the needful. Her father was a king and so she managed to persuade me to avoid embarrassment. I had several girlfriends but it was the two that got pregnant”.

“I got married in my final year in the university. The lady in question was pregnant at that time. I left the club straight to my wedding and went back to the club after. Weddings are nothing, it’s just a step in one’s life. It’s a bridge, you just have to cross it and move on,” he added.

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In the interview below, he noted that “I am still contemplating whether to get married again or not because I don’t want more children. It has become a problem for me because all the women who come my way are not with kids”.