Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Ghanaian dancehall giant, has disclosed the most humiliating incident of his career, and it involves Charterhouse, which comes as no surprise.

Wale recounted how, for the first time, he was invited to the Ghana Music Awards in 2005.

Back when he was known as Bandana and had released his mega-hit song “Moko Hoo,” he was recognized as one of the greatest new artists (Bandana from Ghana).

claims he was broke at the time and had nothing to his name. To get to the performance, he had to take a taxi.

Shatta Wale recounts how Charterhouse humiliated him during the show after being nominated and invited.

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When it came time to reveal the nominees for his category on the big screen, Shatta alleges that everyone except him was shown!

Apart from him, all of his competitors were included in the video montage created for the category.

The incident was described by Shatta Wale as “very humiliating.”

Wale used the story to demonstrate that Charterhouse had been disrespecting him for more than a decade.

Wale narrated his story in a new video he posted to criticize Ghana's “Entertainment media.”

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Wale was ranting against the media as usual when he shared this tasty piece of information from his past.

Watch the video below: