Black Sherif, the Ghanaian trap rapper, has revealed that he is afraid to approach women.

During an interview with Delay on the Delay Show, the “sad boy” president revealed.

The composer of the “Second Sermon,” has established himself as one of the greatest in the field. He confessed why he is afraid of approaching women to express his sentiments in the Ghanaian music industry.

Sherif claims that. His dread of approaching women stems from an incident he had in senior high school.

Black Sherif claimed that he was rejected by a lady he admired and approached during his time at SHS.

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As a result, Blacko stated that he has been unable to approach any other women because he is afraid of being rejected by others.

He also revealed that he is now single. He went on to say that he was kilometers away from the lady in the viral photo of him standing behind her.


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