Maha Ayew Biography
Maha Ayew Biography

For years now, Maya has managed to keep a private life and so many do not know the
queen mother of the Ayew family. She is the director and a shareholder of Abedi Pele’s football club Narnia Fc.

Who is Maha Ayew?

 Maha Ayew is the wife of Abédi Ayew.

Name: Maha Ayew
Age: 51 years old
Birth Date: 10 th August 1968
Gender: Female
Career: Business Woman
Ancestry: Lebanese

The Ayew love story

Maha has been married to Abedi Ayew ‘Pele’ for thirty-four years. The couple got married in 1987 and were seen celebrating thirty years of marriage in the year 2017. The legendary ghanaian footballer met his wife during one of the football seasons in Marseille,France. The lebanese descent has then been with Abedi from then to date. Out of the thirty-four year marriage has produced great footballers too.

The couple are parents to Jordan Ayew, Andre Dede Ayew and Imani Ayew with Rahim being a son from Abedi’s previous marriage. The Ayew sons all took their father’s footsteps and took the football path with Dede and Jordan having played for the Ghana black stars.

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Despite Rahim being a step son, Maha does not make him feel otherwise. The couple have manage to bring up one of the few families with football lineage. Andre Ayew currently plays for Al Sadd while

Jordan Ayew plays for Crystal Palace. In 2019, the family threw a part for Maha Ayew who had turned fifty-one and videos and pictures were seen on their social media platforms. In the video, the family is seen spreading love and spending time with the little ones who are the grandchildren of Maha and Abedi Ayew.

Biography of Abedi Ayew

Abedi Ayew professional known as Abedi Pele is a legendary football star who has
contributed immensely to football. He gained the nickname ‘Pele’ as a result of
tremendous football skills and was compared to the brazilian athlete ‘pele’. He was born on the 5 th of november 1964 and husband to Maha and father to Dede, Jordan, Rahim and Imani. He was born at Kibi in the eastern region of ghana. He served as captain to the ghanaian national team the blackstars. His legendary title befits him as he is considered as one of the greatest African footballers in history. He is also known for his contribution to the european football clubs and became famous in the french ligue 1. He won the UEFA championship league in 1993 at marseille.

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Football clubs he has played for Club Year

1970-1978 Great falcons
1980-1982 Real tamale united
1982-1983 Al Sadd
1983-1984 Zurich
1984 Dragons l’Oueme
1985 Real tamale united
1986-1987 Niort
1987 Mullhouse
1987-1993 Marselle
1988-1990 Lille

1993-1994 Lyon
1994-1996 Torino
1996-1998 1860 munich
1998-2000 Al Ain

He played for the Ghana national team,the blackstars from 1982 to 1998. He is currently
the head coach and president for Nania Fc where his wife is a shareholder.

His early life

Despite being born in the town of Kibi, Abedi grew up in the norther outskirt of Accra which
is Dome. He attended Ghana Senior high school in Tamale. Abedi also came from a
family with football lineage as he is known to be the brother to Kwame Ayew (ex player for
Hearts of oak) and Sola Ayew (ex player for Black meteors).

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It was not a surprise when his sons took the same path. There is not so much on Maha Ayew as she keeps a low profile but we know she is the backbone of the Ayew family and she is wonderful at that.

We hope to see her keep supporting the family like always so the country sees more great
things from the family.


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