Psalm Adjetefio, a veteran actor, has exposed how Delay promised and then failed him, prohibiting him from giving any future interviews.

In an interview with Mona Gucci, Psalm Adjetefio said that when his illness began and he needed money for rent, he met with Delay and she promised to assist him with the help of Vodafone Ghana, but that never materialized.

Delay, according to Psalm Adjetefio, kept him from clearing the air when people were saying all kinds of things about him just because he was in need, and also urged him not to grant any additional interviews following the one they had.

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After the interview with Delay, when he received no aid, he gave Kofi TV an opportunity when they came out to him for an interview, and the response was tremendous, and he received some support from others.

When one door closes, another opens, according to Psalm Adjetefio, so when the one with Delay closed, the door with Kofi TV opened for him, and he had some support from them since they offered him the opportunity to pour all out.

Psalm Adjetefio and Mona Gucci have yet to reply to Delay’s interview, but if she blocked him from clearing the air by claiming it’s all in the past and asked him not to grant any more interviews after theirs, then she didn’t do so well.

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