List of Kwaku Manu songs
List of Kwaku Manu songs

In this article we are going to have a look at List of Kwaku Manu songs in Ghana.

who also goes by the name ‘Bob Sika’ is a Ghanaian actor, musician and
presenter who was born on the 6 th of March 1984. is a Ghanaian actor, Musician and presenter.

In the year 2012 he released his first single ”E’nfa nhoahoa ho”. Kweku Manu was born and raised in Kumasi, Ashanti Region Of Ghana. He is Married to Mrs Okaale and has two children.

Name: Kwaku Manu
Date of birth: 6 th March 1984
Nationality: Ghanaian
Occupation: Actor. Musician and TV Presenter.
Social Media Handle: @kwakumanubob (Instagram)
Kwaku Manu (Facebook)
Kwaku TV (YouTube)

Early life and entertainment journey

He is popular known for his appearance in the local Ghanaian movies where he is mostly seen being humorous. He was born in and raised in Kumasi, the Ashanti region of Ghana and has contributed immensely to the Ghana movie industry. He quickly rose to fame in his appearance as the lead role in ‘Village champion’ and was there he adopted the name Bob Sika.

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He has appeared in numerous local movies like ‘who is stronger?’ and ‘the great battle 2’. He has progressed over the years from starring in movies to making YouTube comedy skits and conducting interviews with celebrities which is titled ‘Aggressive interview’ on his channel Kwaku TV.

Kwaku Manu Net worth

His progress is made evident through the things he has managed to acquire over the
years since joining the entertainment industry. He possesses some of the best
automobiles such as a Ford SUV. He has made some great investments such as the one at the Manu Educational complex which he put up for the purpose of impacting knowledge into the younger generation in order for them to become better individuals for this country.

He found the motivation to invest in education because as a young child, he was not
exposed to formal education. He has been applauded by a lot of Ghanaians for this great initiative.

List of some of his movies

 Kwaku Azonto
 The twin spirit 3
 Who is stronger?
 The man with the burning fist
 The great battle 2

Awards and Nominations

In 2019 Ghana Movie Category edition, Kwaku was nominated for the ‘Favourite Actor’

List of Kwaku Manu songs

 Kwaku Manu which features Kuami Eugene.
 Eny3 Me Fault featuring Fameye and Article Wan.
 Odo featuring D. Cryme and Broni.
 Choices
 Monsa
 Onyame ne me hann
 Okaile
 Wo ye me taste
 Wobete kraw
 Waanowaano
 Kraw mix
 Suro Nipa featuring Odehyie Ba

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He supported colleague actress Emelia Brobbey on her ‘Save the orphan’ outreach which
took place in 2016.

Controversies and Allegory

The artiste has been engaged in a lot of controversies over the years and these controversies were with fellow artistes like Liwin and some bloggers like over his alleged divorce. He later confirmed that what has been published is true. It is alleged he and his wife who is based in the USA with whom he has four children with have gone their separate ways.

Kwaku and Dianne got married in 2018 and it has been all blissful until the recent rumour. What is next for this family? We hope they find a way to be great parents to the children they have between them.

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