Nii Saka Brown, the veteran Ghanaian movie actor, has recounted an instance in which his on-screen fame resulted in his being denied a job chance.

In an interview with Oman Channel, the actor, who was recounting some of the times his celebrity has brought him favors, said that he had been in circumstances when the tale has turned around.

Nii Saka Brown described his story by saying he went to a job interview after appearing in a popular TV advertisement for Gino tomato paste.

When he arrived at the office of the firm where he wanted to work, a kid of the Managing Director dressed him up like a figure from a TV advertisement, according to him. That was what cost him the job, he explained.

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“Some people dislike you because of your work. I recall going to a job interview and being asked, “Nii Saka Brown, what are you doing here?” I also mentioned that I’d like to meet with your physician. Let’s go, the lady stated. I had appeared in a Gino commercial at the time, in which I stole a chicken from someone’s home.

When asked why the Managing Director fired him and turned down the job offer, the actor stated he was accused of setting a terrible example for youngsters.

“It was because of the chicken,” says the narrator. I assumed the man was kidding when he became enraged. But he replied what are you people teaching our children, to go and steal chicken?

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“I answered sir, that was a commercial I filmed for a firm The script was not written by me. He, on the other hand, replied no, that you should be sensible enough. I was still smiling, and the lady was becoming agitated. However, the man insisted that I leave his office. My limb was immobile. Because of that advertisement, I lost that business,” he explained.

Despite such instances, he claims that acting has been useful to him throughout his career.


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