Ghanaian gospel artist Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, popularly known as Great Ampong, has spoken up about his early experiences in Accra.

Great Ampong shared his experience, saying that before he arrived in Accra, he saw it as heaven. He said he moved to Accra in search of better pastures. However, when he arrived, he discovered everything was not as he had imagined.

The “Akokofunu” hitmaker stated in an interview with Adom TV’s Afia Amankwah on Mashasie that he moved to Accra in 1996 to live with his brother. He claimed to have a primitive mentality, so when he arrived in Accra, he brought some goods from his village to eat, only to discover that he would be living in a wooden building.

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“I arrived in Accra for the first time on August 20, 1996,” he revealed. “My brother didn’t inform me we were going to sleep in a kiosk when I told him I was coming.”

“I packed food with the aim of cooking, eating, and living luxuriously, but I was surprised to learn that I would be living in a kiosk. After realizing the truth, I had no choice but to give them away.”

He revealed that he began his business by selling cookies at Odorkor First Light in Accra. “In traffic at Odorkor First Light, he was selling graphic newspapers and I was selling cookies.”


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