A video of popular Nigerian actor Jim Iyke eating fufu and light soup in Ghana has gotten Ghanaians talking.

Jim Iyke is shown with a bowl of fufu with lots of meat and fish in front of him, and despite the fact that he appears to be enjoying the food, he struggles to chop the fufu the Ghanaian manner with his hand.

He is overheard complimenting the cuisine and declaring, “I’m simply going to the hotel and passing out after this.”

Watch the video below:

However, despite the fact that Adina’s mother had seen the musician’s fibroids earlier, the entertainment star remained in denial. She kept saying “no, God forbid” until she was certain she did have fibroids.

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“I discovered it late last November, during my periods. I believe the fibroids had developed to such a size. On Restoration With Stacy, Adina stated, “I went to the hospital, the doctor checked me, and he said I had big fibroids and that I needed to have them removed right away.”

Adina revealed on her social media accounts in March that she had undergone surgery to remove fibro…continue reading

Source: Dklassgh.com

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