Viewers of Citi TV’s Breakfast show, on Thursday, witnessed an unusual report by Frema Adunyame and David Sakyi when the crew took their equipment to Cantonments to celebrate the birthday of a pothole.

For that part of Accra regarded as a high-end area where some of the political bigwigs reside and also home to the capital’s administrative offices, the crew could not fathom how a pothole as huge as it is could go unnoticed.

After the sarcastic report went viral, the L-shaped ditch which looks like an abandoned maintenance work and one other that posed various dangers to drivers have been fixed in record time.

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According to the reporters, some drivers who had no idea about the ditch were nearly thrown off when their cars fall in it.

The L-shaped pothole had reportedly been there for weeks and to draw the attention of the appropriate authorities, the news team set up a table right next to the ditch and cut a birthday cake.

The news team was subjected to public ridicule when the report went viral on social media, little did they know that it would achieve a result.

Watch the update below:

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