Shatta Wale and Betway exposed
Shatta Wale and Betway

Shatta Wale and popular betting company, Betway has come under public scrutiny after the former posted an image of a bet slip he won that amounted to Ghc169,457.

Shatta Wale on Tuesday left his followers speechless when he shared screenshots of the whopping Ghc169,457 he won Betway to inspire his followers especially those who are into this sports betting business.

He earned 95,080 cedis on one slip with a stake of 2,000cedis, and he won 73,512 cedis on another slide with a wager of 1,500 cedis.

His followers who are above 18 years, the legally mandated age for gambling, and are into the betting business has exposed Shatta Wale and Betway for lying about the musician’s huge win.

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Shatta Wale posted on almost all his social media handles about betting, telling the youth how he gambled with the amount he had on him at that time.

“Life is a gamble,I just won 1… 169,547.35Ghc” Shatta Wale posted.

However, some of the followers Shatta Wale proved they were not as gullible as he thinks when they exposed the BETWAY betting slip as fake with “evidence”.

Other betting connoisseurs in the betting game added that the betting company paid Shatta Wale to post the fake edited or generated slip for publicity stunts to promote Betway.

Shatta Wale later confessed to the above claims when he made a post criticizing the government for not allowing Betting companies to sign celebrities. —“If government say dem no go make BET people sign us we go sign ourself”.

See some reactions below;

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“You dnt know bets inside eer you lol let me give example take 300 odds with 10 picks and another different 300odds with 19 or 24 picks and see if the money will be the same.”

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