Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage, the Nigerian singer has disclosed how she was blackmailed over a $3x tape but refused to give in to the blackmailer’s demands.

Tiwa Savage said in an interview that someone gave her a video of herself and the man she’s dating right now in bed, attempting to blackmail her and demanding money, but she was strong and solid enough to refuse.

Everyone around her, including the man she is seeing, was going insane, according to her, but it dawned to her what would happen if she paid the blackmailer’s demand and he/she came back later for more money or even released it after receiving the money.

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As a result, she held firm and told herself that she would not allow anybody to blackmail her for doing something natural with a guy she loved, and as a result, she never gave the blackmailer what he or she desired.

This is the first time Tiwa Savage has mentioned being blackmailed with her $3x tape, and it appears to be a recent interview as well. It’s a good thing she didn’t give in to the blackmailer’s demands since they might have lost a lot of money.

We believe Tiwa Savage had the guts to stay hard against the blackmailer because she knew she hadn’t done anything illegal and the video was with the person she was dating, not another person.

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Watch the video below:

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