Women should never insult their boyfriends, according to Dzifa Sweetness, Ghana’s best s3x instructor, because if they do, they would never achieve orgasm when having intercourse with him.

She mentioned this during a chit-chat on Adwen the Love Doctor’s eTV show, “In Bed with Adwen.”

“You must treat the person with whom you have a sexual connection with the highest respect because if you do not respect him, you will not be able to achieve orgasm when having sex with him. Don’t underestimate him, and if you don’t respect him, don’t even approach him,” she said.

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Women should give their all to their partners and be obedient during sexual contact, according to Dzifa, so that he may get them to the point of climax.

“Be at ease and emotionally invested in what you’re about to accomplish.” “Don’t think about the goal; just concentrate on the trip,” she said, “so that you may enjoy every moment of it.”

Watch the video below:

Source: Dklassgh.com

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