Tonto Dikeh, who was fed half meat and half fish in her nightmares, has told the witches in her dreams to respect her real life, claiming they are very rude.

Tonto Dikeh didn’t tell her about her dream, but it was clear she was eating in it since she was fed half meat and half fish, which enraged her so much that she turned to social media to vent her frustrations and urge the witches in her dream to respect her.

They don’t call her OBA in real life for nothing, according to her, therefore the dreamland should respect her real life and not repeat what they did to her in her dream by feeding her half beef and half fish for what?

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Tonto Dikeh then mocked the situation by claiming that even the witches are now being stingy, questioning how they can offer her half meat and half fish in her dream and that this is what makes them so rude to her in the first place.

Every dream has a message, but Tonto Dikeh didn’t seem to care about the meaning of hers, so she poked fun of it by calling the witches in her dream stingy and requesting that dreamland respect her real life.

Netizens who reacted to her post mostly laughed because she expressed it in a funny way, but a few of them attempted to persuade her that the dream had a message and that she should try to figure out what it meant.

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